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One on One Training

Private session rates begin at $85/session and may vary depending on your specific needs. Additional charges may be added if travel to your location is required. Payment will be charged each month and a 24 hour notice of CANCELLATION will be required to avoid losing sessions. Additional discounts may be available if purchasing three months in full or if you are currently participating in another service.

Partner Training

Sessions are $55 per participant for a total of $110 / session. Partner Training sessions will be similar structure and format to one on one training sessions, therefore this option is a great way to make the most of your fitness budget. Choose a reliable workout buddy for that added accountability outside of the gym.

virtual coaching

  • Option One ($75/month): Start With A Meeting In Person Or Via Web Service To Assess Starting Points And Experience. Receive A Program For One Month With Weekly Contact To Assess Progress And Make Modifications As Necessary.
  • Option Two ($125/month): Same As Option One With Added Contact Two – Three Times / Week And Includes A Single One On One Training Session Each Month.

Other Combinations And Pricing Are Open To Discussion According To What Fits Best For Your Lifestyle / Location / Budget.

Group Training

Group sessions are a flat rate of $35 / person / session regardless of frequency. a minimum of 3 participants are required to start a group and sessions are of a “use it or lose it” nature.

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